Contact:    Robert Riemer ; RIEMER Consulting ; PO BOX 14639 ; Surfside Beach, South Carolina 29587 ; USA
                 TEL: 843-236-1794  ; EMAIL: riemer@riemerconsulting.com

9/95 to PRESENT.  RIEMER Consulting , Myrtle Beach, South Carolina  USA  - Computer systems consulting, solutions for small business and individuals.

3/28/2013 to PRESENT.  Industrial Contractors  Inc of Johnsonville SC - Contract Engineering at AVX Corporation, Myrtle Beach, SC
11/2/2000 to 3/28/2013 AVX Corporation, Myrtle Beach, SC - Employed as SR CAD DESIGNER
9/5/2000 to 6/1/2012 TARGET Myrtle Beach, SC SALES ASSOCIATE

9/1/1995 to 9/5/2000.  CENTURY II, PPM CRANES, INC., TEREX CRANES.Conway, S.C. - Mobile Cranes Manufacturer.

     SUPPORT on CONTRACT has included converting Apollo Fortran program conversion to PC Digital Fortran.  All programs and data were moved from the old platform to new.  Programs were compiled, debugged, and tested.  Done in 4 months.

2/89 to 9/95. CENTURY II, PPM CRANES, INC., TEREX CRANES. Conway, S.C. - Mobile Cranes Manufacturer.

     MANAGER ENGINEERING SERVICES AND CURRENT PRODUCTS ENGINEERING in support of all departments and branches. Managing over five primary areas: Engineering Release Control; CAD Systems Support: Reproduction Services; Procurement; Current Products Engineering. Primary function was to supervise, prepare, implement, and maintain PPM Cranes Engineering Information Systems Plan.

     PLANNING AND PROPOSALS to include relocation plans, reorganization plans, hiring, appraisals, merit increases, expense budgets and capital plans. Proposals for hardware and software encompassing Workstations, Personal Computers, Networking, Printers, Plotters, Copiers and Aperture Card Equipment. Implemented training and CAD Systems Development.

     CAD/CAM AND ENGINEERING SERVICES support for users on 16 Apollo Workstations with Apollo Token Ring. Apollo nodes include the following software: 8 DDM 3-d CAD/CAM licenses; AEGIS Operating System Environment; ANSYS Finite Element Modeling Software. In-house software programmed in shell script, Fortran, and DAL.

     MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Converted and reprogrammed system from Calma based on Data General Eclipse Computers running DDM Interactive Graphics Software under CDOS to Apollo Workstations. This included IGES, Fortran DXF files, DAL, CAD Models, and Macros. Trained all employees. Proposed, developed, programmed software to implement and maintain a Document Database Management System for Engineering Release Control and Tracking. Extensive research with a proposal to replace Aperture Card Equipment with state-of-the-art computers, scanners, and plotters. This proposal included networking with Engineering Services, Purchasing, Repair Parts, and Manufacturing.

6/87 to 1/89. KOHLER COMPANY, Kohler, WI - Plumbing and Specialty Products Manufacturing.

     SUPERVISOR ENGINEERING SYSTEMS AND DOCUMENTATION in support of Plumbing and Specialty Products Group Engineering. Supervision over three primary areas: Engineering Release Control and MRP Design Control Module; Document Storage and Distribution; CAD Systems Support. A primary function of the group is Engineering Standards and Procedures.

     CAD/CAM and CAE support for users on forty (40) Apollo Workstations and more than thirty-five (35) Personal Computers. Apollo nodes include the following software: Thirty-five (35) DDM 3-D CAD/CAM licensees; SDRC Supertab; Geodraw and Geomod; Delta Cam's DUCT; DCLASS Group Technology and AEGIS System Support.

     MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Network expanded from eleven to forty nodes; implemented raster plotting technology; created Apollo network Node History with configurations and asset records. Additional major projects were in developmental stages including an In-house Database Management System.

6/81-6/87. HARNISCHFEGER CORPORATION, Cedar Rapids, IA. - Lift Crane Manufacturer.

     PROJECT ENGINEER - CAD/CAM SYSTEMS supporting Product Engineering, R & D and Manufacturing Engineering. Member of Product Engineering Staff. Planning, Implementing, Scheduling, Support and Maintenance of a two-shift operation and CAD/CAM staff. System was from Calma based on Data General Eclipse Computers running DDM Interactive Graphics Software under CDOS including N.C., F.E.M., and Schematic Software. Hardware includes Remex Reader/Punch and a Versatec Raster Plotter. Training of drafters (basic machine operation, 3-D modeling, detail drafting, and programming), Engineers, and Engineering Managers (data base organization, system operation, modeling, project optimization and programming.

     SYSTEM MANAGEMENT to include Data Base Management and Organization; System Generation; Engineering Project Management; Time Accounting and Utilization; Accomplishment Reports; Maintaining Contracts; Establishing Standards and Procedures; CAD/CAM User Group Support; Documentation; User Performance Evaluation; Appraisals; Planning and Distribution of CAD drawings and models; Demonstrations; Company/Vendor Interface; Problem Solving. Programming support to automate, standardize, tailor and optimize the use of CAD/CAM Programming in FORTRAN, DAL, and DAL/Fortran.

     MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Gained acceptance, credibility, and support for CAD/CAM from Departments; Trained 80% of Product Engineering; Created a working environment for Manufacturing Engineering and trained personnel; Generated over 95% system availability; set standards for software performance; boosted productivity. Involved from day one.




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